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...making college possible for many Weston High School students since 1930


The scholarship from the Women's Community League...

...allowed me to work fewer hours during my freshman year, helping me to focus on my studies and to establish myself within other aspects of the undergraduate experience. Beyond financial logistics, support from the community in which I spent my whole life prior is something I can carry with me as I continue with my educational and career endeavors. ~Thea Kendall-Green  View Full Testimonial  

…brought much-needed peace of mind and support while navigating the financial realities of college and life beyond Weston. I am so grateful for WCL and the work they do to foster the Weston community that I love and made me who I am today. ~Alex C.  View Full Testimonial  

…allowed me to get through 5 years of college [and nursing school] without tremendously worrying about how I would pay my tuition. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the Women’s Community League of Weston for their generosity.  ~Weston High School Graduate View Full Testimonial 


…helped relieve some of the financial stress my son faced. We also felt that he had the support and acknowledgement of the town! ... Our sincere thanks for your generous help getting him started.  ~Weston High School Parent  View Full Testimonial


…helped me pay tuition so that I could study to become a teacher and, in turn, encourage others to pursue their own dreams and goals.  ~Sara C.  View Full Testimonial  


...enabled me to go to my dream school, meet some of my best friends to this day, and get exposed to a whole new world than my previously sheltered, suburban home. ~Eben  View Full Testimonial  

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Vera and Andrew Laska History Prize Thank You Notes

Additional Letters of Appreciation

  • Fall of 1928 - WCL establishes a scholarship fund
  • Spring of 1930 - first high school senior awarded $150
  • Spring of 2021 - WCL awards over $20,000 in scholarship and prizes 
    • $17,100 in total scholarships to three recipients
    • $900 in merit awards
    • $2000 to METCO
    • $1500 Vera and Andrew J. Laska History Prize
  • Spring 1930 - Spring 2021- Over $1,070,000 in scholarships and prizes awarded by WCL
    • 340 scholarships exceeding $951,000
    • 200 merit awards exceeding $117,000
  • WCL has donated to the METCO Scholarship Fund virtually every year since 1987, totaling over $52,000 
 College Name  Tuition - 1915           1915 Tuition in Today's  
(2021) Dollars
 Tuition - 2021          Percent Increase         
 Bucknell  $50  $1,289  $58,202  116,304%
 Univ of Wisconsin        $100  $2,579  $23,785  32,685%
 MIT  $250  $6,447  $53,450  21,280%
  • In 1930, the WCL scholarship of $150 (one recipient) covered 100% of the recipient's tuition
  • In 2021, the average WCL scholarship of $5,700 (three recipients) covered 15% of the average tuition. (This does not include room/board/fees).
  • In the last decade (2011-2021) the WCL awarded almost $250,000
    • $205,000 in total Scholarship to 70 recipients
    • $9,000 in Merit Awards; and 
    • $20,000 to the METCO Scholarship Fund, plus
    • $15,000 to the Vera and Andrew J. Laska History Prize
    • The average college scholarship was over $2,900
  • The first WCL merit prize was awarded in the spring of 1954
  • The first boy was awarded a prize in the spring of 1959 (it was previously only girls)
  • Subject matter prizes were added in the spring of 1962 - French, Latin, Russian, and Home Economics
  • Class prizes began in 1953
  • The Class of 1991 boycotted Class Day and no prizes were awarded

Weston Community League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, P.O. Box 125, Weston, MA 02493

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